Multi Operator platform analyzes network traffic, which studies the behavior of subscribers in real time, calculates the patterns and performs various instructions (promotion of services, delivery notification, raising the alarm, etc.)

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XDRay Signaling Broker

Network of Mobile Operator consists of lots of useful information, such as data about location, customer experience of various services, network quality. Despite the fact that this information is not directly involved in the Operator's critical business processes, analysis and interpretation of such data provides a competitive advantage while creating a new class of Services. As a result, this data will be in high demand by the consumers.

In order to avoid creating a separate complex traffic analysis systems for each project and potentially overloading a network we have created a solution - XDRay Signaling Broker. The objective of the system is to provide IT services with various convenient access to this data using high-level, familiar to developers protocols (ex. HTTP). By using a unique queue, the XDRay Signaling Broker provides both raw and already processed data to third-party systems for further analysis in real time time or as a batch download.

The technology used in the world of Big Data, provides persistence and reliable access to data delivered to an unlimited range consumers. The service is a combination of a service package, assigned to all client users, while additionally enriched for individual (designated by the user) or group (designated user group) functions.

Notification Module

Since the main value of the Platform lies precisely in the online analysis of events, we use almost all types of notifications towards external systems. The following methods for employees of the Operator can be outlined:

  • Department of Operations receive notification by email or Jabber upon the occurrence of critical situations in real time. At the same time, this notification has passed the intermediate systems and goes directly to the responsible employee of the "network".
  • Customer experience Dept. (Customer Care) get notifications via top-level API directly in the CRM, which allows them to learn about their customers' problems before getting a claim.
  • Security Department can be notified via corporate e-mail about possible wrongdoing and suspected fraud.

    A separate and important task is the ability to inform subscribers. This communication can be a standard type such SMS or USSD, as well as a missed call notification (missed call), through which subscribers can be notified of the occurrence of certain events. This method of notification has a significant advantage, since it is absolutely free for the operator (only signaling channelsa are used), but has guaranteed delivery and is well perceived by the subscriber.


Long-term storage of data allows us to solve a variety of tasks: for Operations - an ability to extract the history, conduct retrospective analysis or "replay" the problem; for Analytics - to calculate any metrics and test the hypothesis. In any case, storing, generally, the supporting data (not records of a billing system that affect interconnect charges) must be cost effective, and access to it should not be paired with an additional cost in the form of expertise of operational staff.

Our data warehouse - is a set of technologies that are widely used in Internet companies, where the record the cost is negligible and does not bear any extremely valuable information in itself, but it's statistically important to process and is necessary for a variety of tasks. We should also mention the fact that the structure of network data are heterogeneous and storage in classical relational database may cause a serious rise in the cost of the project. For the majority of tasks our solution uses open-source approach. Modern approach towards disks interaction enables us to optimize read and write operations, which converts a conventional server into a powerful distributed repository.

Our solution stores not only the raw data (in the form of network packets) that can be retrieved for analysis at any time, but also a variety of metrics and pre-calculated aggregates that can be directly used for analysis by XDRay Solution, as well as external BI platforms.

Business Logic

The main advantage of the platform is its complete automatic operation, without the need for interpretation of the results by intermediate manager. This allows real-time response (campaigns, promotions of services or delivery notification) to the appearance of the required events in the network. Business logic and description of events are formed by the manager on the BSS side, and then using standard IT protocols, loaded onto the platform.

The following parameters can act as such rules:

  • loading of ranges and use them with different processing logic
  • loading of current services and the logic for exceptions
  • Support of different rules based on call direction
  • restriction (throttling) delivery attempts notifications
  • adjustment of the delivery of repetitions depending on the direction
  • determination of notification methods (SMS, USSD, Missed Call, etc.)
  • fixing the amount of the budget Campaigns

    In addition to the automatic control of all the rules set on the platform, operator has the ability to create or change settings directly in the Service Management Portal, and analyze operational information of the running campaigns. Finally, the platform can unload data into CDR statements which in turn allows you to fully integrate the platform into the business processes of the operator.

  • Signaling Broker

    The data obtained from the operator network, are clearly useful for different analytical departments of the operator. Modern operators are inclined to the need to build their own Big Data clusters where using diverse information about the client and network experience, a variety of models of behavior of subscribers and their preferences can be formed. Historically the main "guards" towards this data were network monitoring systems. However, in most cases they do not possess sufficient flexibility and performance in order to enrich the external systems with data obtained during their own work. Integration with these systems to obtain required data may result in considerable costs for the Operator and create additional risks of failure of the main functionality.

    Our platform was originally developed keeping the principle of open data in mind. We do not use proprietary protocols, data access can be granted towards any platform using the standard IT protocols in real time and through packet data download. Moreover, XDRay platform has the ability to unload not only raw data by pre-filtered (aggregated) data to reduce the load on a target system.

    This allows fast integration and launch of additional services, without having the need to purchase any licensed SW or equipment on the side of XDRay. Mediation layer provides consistency and guaranteed delivery of data to the consumer, irrespective of the requested data stream.


    In the heart of the solution – is a self designed probe system installed on the network. It’s task is to distinguish various IT / Telecom protocols decode them "on the fly", carry out clean of duplicate data, restore and save dialogs. We use the method for passive data capturing by running a sample copy of traffic, thus eliminating the influence on the production system.

    It is also worth to note that the probe itself is a SW solution that is installed on standard equipment (x86 architecture). We use our own development, based on the MPP (Massive Parallel Processing) technology that allows to reach the impressive levels of performance. Due to the flexibility of the solution, a probe is able to handle a variety of protocols used in the telecommunications subsystems RAN / SS7 / PS Core / CS Core, and also includes support for the vast majority of IP protocol.

    All data that is captured by the probe SW can be stored in the repository of XDRay in "raw" (pcap) files for further analysis and more detailed analysis.

    In the core of our product is a full-featured Softswitch Class 5 BroadWorks. BroadWorks is a best in class platform in the B2B field of PBX services:
    • 20 out of 25 operators in the world are using BroadWorks for building telephony services.
    • Proven reliability - 99.999%
    • Scalable to 10,000 000+ subscribers.
    • Geo-redundancy

    Our solution is equally suitable for telecom operator with its own subscriber base, looking for the possibility for further development and cost reduction, and young start-ups that want to quickly integrate into their current telephony service using API interfaces.

    Connection and start-up services on our platform is carried out in a matter of days!



    The platform is implemented on the basis of IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) technology, which allows the use of a real FMC (Fixed-Mobile Convergence) approach. Your customers can receive and make calls to mobile phones over IP softphones or be integrated into the corporate PBX network - same level of services will be always available to them no matter where they are. Forget the prefix when dialing from a mobile number, about the lack of control over mobile subscribers, about the separate bills for different types of communication - get the services of "one window"!

    We spent a lot of time trying to make difficult - simple. As part of our solution you will find all the necessary tools to manage telephony:

    • Multi-purpose portal for the settings, including the separation of user roles
    • The ability to upload and manage their own numbering capacity
    • Create your own packages
    • Billing and statistics Interfaces
    • Mobile applications

    One of the top business challenges is a systematic analysis of sales channels and service quality. Telephone is still the main source of communication. Our solution provides a set of capabilities for the analysis of the statistics, including call distribution, load estimates on staff and business performance. To provide deeper integration into the business processes of the Client API, our platform supports all main CRM systems. Built-in control mechanisms, such as call barring, and call recording (even on mobile phones) make our product unique in the market.

    We have designed a number of PBX systems, we are well aware of the major market challenges and customer needs, so we are happy to share our stories with you throughout the cooperation. At the same time, we know that the basic telephony capabilities of the 21st century has not yet been disclosed! We provide an enormous power tool, which allows you to create a service of any complexity, integrate communication into any type of IT systems without any special knowledge of telecommunications. Our business consultants help to create a profitable case, and analysts suggest the most appropriate configuration of services.

    Auto Attendant – a business card of any business. It includes a private corporate greeting, call transfer rules based on schedules. Our solution supports any level of complexity so it can be used even for large, distributed enterprises.

    Create hunt groups to redirect incoming calls to employees, using various logic (at the same time, sequentially, using different "weights"). This provides load balancing, reduces the number of missed calls and allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of employees.
    In order to ensure quality control, companies must be able to record conversations. We support this option for all types of endpoints, including incoming and outgoing mobile calls. Each conversation can be replayed in your personal or manager’s profile, depending on access rights.
    As a part of the solution we provide cloud storage for recorded calls, faxes and other important information. This is quite handy because it guarantees information security and provides a single point of access to this data. All data is stored is isolated from each other in order to prevent unauthorized access.
    The platform allows any client to create their own conference rooms, on a permanent and dynamic basis. Access is possible via short numbering within the company and on a separate dedicated bridge number. We made smart conference calls, the system can automatically dial out to all invitees at the appointed time!
    In order to serve large volumes of incoming calls, it is not necessarily to hire a lot of employees. As long as your phone is busy it is enough to set up a call center and all calls will be lining up in a queue. Available statistics allows to evaluate the load and the quality of service and add additional agents to enhance efficiency.
    Having the opportunity to call from any website provides a free communication channel to your customers and creates an additional source of sales. The widget can be customized according to the company brand book, emphasize your individuality and commitment to modern technologies.
    Short numbering - this is a very convenient tool of communication within the company. You do not need to remember phone numbers of employees, it is enough to enter a short extension on any device (even mobile) and you will be connected with the right person. This is especially useful when you need to call a whole department, and there is no understanding, who will be able to answer the call.

    Please provide your contact information and we will send you a demo access account.

    You will be able to see all the benefits describers above.


    Solutions to increase Operator’s revenue

    In today's world mobile operator’s revenue is dependent on many factors: interconnect balance with other operators; an ability to quickly inform the Subscriber with the relevant offer or provide the right service. We have developed a range of solutions that allow operators to analyze user behavior and to deliver offers in real-time in a fully automatic mode. Event marketing allows you to gain competitive advantage, generate additional revenue and increase subscriber base loyalty.

    Решения для увеличения выручки Оператора

    В современном мире выручка мобильного Оператора зависит от множества факторов: от баланса интерконнекта с другими Операторами, от возможности быстро донести Абоненту релевантное предложение или предложить правильную услугу. Мы разработали целый ряд решений, которые позволяют Оператору анализировать поведение абонента и осуществлять доставку предложений в режиме реального времени полностью в автоматическом режиме. Событийный маркетинг позволяет извлекать конкурентное преимущество, генерировать дополнительную прибыль и увеличивать лояльность абонентской базы.


    Solutions to improve the quality of service

    Operator Network - is a complex and dynamically developing organism. XDRay platform provides a single, common view of all network interfaces and helps to diagnose and analyze the problems of the "single window", including a retrospective analysis on historical data. The availability of such tools in the arsenal of the Operator - it is an opportunity to build a high quality service, reduce subscriber base churn, as well as significantly reduce the costs of operating and maintaining the quality of services.


    Решения для повышения качества обслуживания

    Сеть Оператора - это сложный и динамически развивающийся организм. Платформа XDRay позволяет получить единый, общий взгляд на все сетевые интерфейсы и помогает диагностировать и анализировать проблемы из «единого окна», включая ретроспективный анализ по историческим данным. Наличие таких инструментов в арсенале Оператора - это возможность построить качественный сервис, уменьшить отток абонентской базы, а также существенно снизить издержки на эксплуатацию и поддержания качества услуг.